Reinventing Myself
16 April 2015 - 16:06, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off

I’ve never had a regular job in my life. I’ve never punched a clock or worked 9-to-5. But I have lived a creative life as an actor, a teacher, and now a voice and public speaking coach.  How did I get here?  By listening to my inner voice when it told me to reinvent myself.

When I was young, all I ever wanted to be was an actor.  That dream came true, I earned a BFA in acting from the University of Alberta and spent ten years as a professional actor from the stages of the Citadel to the Edmonton Fringe.

When I had children, I chose another path, working as an instructor at the Citadel’s Foote Theatre School.  As my children got older, I directed them in their school plays, which led to another reinvention, as professional director of children’s plays and musicals through my own company, Dramatic Learning. Then I took on the challenge to work with rehab patients as the drama facilitator at the Glenrose Hospital.

How could I challenge myself even further?  One day, my husband pointed me towards the Masters program in voice pedagogy at the University of Alberta, and I discovered yet another direction.  Everything I learned through 30 years of acting, teaching, and directing helped me get through a tough MFA program.

And now, here I am, a Voice and Public Speaking coach, hoping to help others reinvent themselves.  My thesis was on Performance Anxiety in Public Presenters, which gives me expertise in helping those who struggle to get up in front of a crowd, big or small.

My experience and schooling has also prepared me to be the voice and speech expert for those who are striving to be the best in the world at what they do.  Do you need a coach?  Every Olympic athlete, NHL player, world class singer or Oscar winning actor has a coach.  Because to be the best, you need the best coach in your corner.

So here I am, ready to be in your corner.