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Sometimes when I take my car in to the auto repair shop I have to get the wheels aligned. If I don’t, it can affect my steering, my safety and the durability of the tires. Proper alignment of our spine is integral to proper voice production. Like the car, without proper alignment your body will...
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Just watch a cat: he is ready and waiting to pounce on that bird he’s watching. But too much tension has a negative physiological effect. Tension can act like a set of dominos. If our body is tense then our voice is tense and even our mind gets into it. Tense your toes and feel...
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I’ve never had a regular job in my life. I’ve never punched a clock or worked 9-to-5. But I have lived a creative life as an actor, a teacher, and now a voice and public speaking coach.  How did I get here?  By listening to my inner voice when it told me to reinvent myself....

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  • Public speaking for Engineers is a scary thing but with Alyson’s workshop it gave our staff some tools and skills to help develop into better presenters and it has shown throughout client meetings and staff presentations that it definitely paid off. She had us laughing and doing things we normally wouldn’t do and it took us out of our comfort zone. More staff are now asking for similar training in the future
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