Testimonials: Meet my lovely clients

When I first met the clients listed here, each faced a problem they want to solve: they feared public speaking, had a strong accent, or needed to deliver a flawless performance on stage.

By the end of our time together — whether in a workshop, corporate training session at their office or with one-on-one coaching — they have each overcome their anxiety, built confidence, and learned proven techniques to communicate clearly.

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Petra Remy

Senior Wealth Manager, Remy Investment Group

The anticipation of getting on stage often activated my inner critic, whispering fears of all that could go wrong. Having Alyson Connolly help me address those fears was an unexpectedly fun learning experience. She approaches the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of speaking, so you can understand why you do the things you do. Alyson was always willing to listen to my presentations and gave me feedback in a way that felt positive, that made me want to make the changes she suggested because they made sense. Because of her technique, now I step on stage with skills, confidence, and a robust appreciation for the most effective way to deliver my message to my audience. For anyone wanting to add a professional polish to their speaking, I recommend Alyson’s coaching without hesitation.    

Samantha Ming

Frontend Engineer, Gitlab

Alyson is an amazing public speaking coach! Whether you’re trying to be a public speaker or need to give a presentation or even simply speaking to another person, Alyson’s workshop will give you the confidence to speak up and make you sound like a professional. You will learn proper breathing techniques that will improve your vocal delivery and speaking techniques that make your speech sound alive. Her sessions are fun, engaging, and insightful. Public speaking can make anyone self-conscious, but she is thoughtful and warm in making sure you can be your authentic self. I highly recommend her!    

Sandra L. Hawes

Managing Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

We engaged Alyson to provide a public speaking workshop for our lawyers.  From our initial contact through to the end of the engagement, Alyson was enthusiastic, professional and proved to be very knowledgeable.  We have no hesitation in recommending Alyson to those wanting to improve their public speaking skills.

Alyson’s Painless Public Speaking session was fantastic. Feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive, with many of them commenting that it was one of the best professional development sessions the CPRS has ever hosted. Alyson was not only an engaging speaker, but the content of her presentation itself was genuinely useful. Her tips and techniques were extremely helpful to our group of PR professionals who often have to public speak, or coach others to do so.

Freddie Martinez

Director of Information Systems, City of Spruce Grove

Since hiring Alyson, I have become more conscious of what I am saying and how I am saying it. My coworkers and family have noticed an improvement in my verbal communication. My boss said to me, “Obviously you had some public speaking coaching as you have improved in your communication skills.”

My family said they’ve noticed an improvement on my speaking; that I’m now articulating my words clearly.

Alyson’s honesty and willingness has helped me defeat my bad behavior. Alyson is a professional coach who brings her acting experience to the table when it comes to public speaking. She will make you comfortable during her sessions. She has taught me that having an accent is not a bad thing and I should embrace it as is it is unique.

Kaelyn Saunders

Administrative Assistant, Edmonton Tourism

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn both public speaking and presentation skills with Alyson. She is one of the most engaging, and entertaining instructors I have ever worked with!
I was able to apply these new skills just in time for a presentation I had to give to my entire division. I learned how to calm my nerves beforehand, which helped me speak more genuinely on the topic instead of from my script. I found that my audience was much more engaged than usual, as they were there to listen to me, not a script! I am excited to refine these skills even more so now that I have the tools to create a hook and ending to a presentation.

Thanks Alyson!

Brian Kulig

CFO at General Bank of Canada

What’s most notable for me, is one single component of Alyson’s coaching that has really impacted and aided me. Posture. I performed well, where again it was advance mindfulness of posture that made a difference in my confidence.

Michael Brodrick

Broker & Chair of the Realtors Association of Edmonton

“That was not a speech from a chair, that was a speech from a leader”                                                                                 – audience member after Michael spoke at the annual general meeting.

Jocelyn Muir

Edmonton Chapter Chair, Women Presidents’ Organization

The ability to speak effectively in public is such an important and influential skill, and Alyson provided our group of women business owners with an amazing opportunity to learn and participate in a safe, fun-filled, frank and respectful environment. Alyson, you rock!

Selected client list

  • Cenovus Energy
  • University of Alberta School of Business
  • Women Build (Edmonton Construction Association)
  • Alberta Hotels & Lodging Association
  • Sinclair Dental
  • Kal Tire
  • NWR Sturgeon Refinery
  • Dentons LLP
  • Transcend Coffee
  • KPMG
  • Edmonton Unlimited
  • CNRL – Albian
  • Workshop West – Shoe Project
  • Edmonton Women in Finance
  • UofA Students Union Executive
  • Edmonton Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute
  • Boys & Girls Club/Big Brothers/Sisters of Edmonton & Area
  • Imperial Oil
  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
  • University of Alberta – Women in Business
  • Club Managers Association of America
  • Onlea – Online Learning Developers
  • Startup Edm Propel Pre-Accelerator Program
  • Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta
  • Department of Family Medicine – University of Alberta
  • Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc.
  • Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
  • SMP Engineering – Edmonton & Calgary
  • Women Presidents Organization
  • Edmonton Downtown Business Association
  • Northwest Central Alberta FASD Network
  • Edmonton International Airport
  • Peter Lougheed Fellowship College, U of A
  • Wildrose Toastmasters
  • ISL Engineering
  • A.U.P.E.
  • Community Initiatives Against Family Violence
  • Edmonton Events – Explore Edmonton
  • Alice Yvonne Wako, International Relations Consultant
  • Gladys Wako, Banker
  • Melissa Logan, Director of Education SPCA
  • Wyatt Webster, Engineering Technologist
  • Glen Jarbeau, Chief Financial Officer, Spruce Grove
  • Jennifer Taylor, Repair Shop Storekeeper
  • Brian Spellman, AVP, Securitization, Canadian Western Bank
  • Debbie Plato, Senior Treasury Manager, Canadian Western Bank
  • Elissha Sharma, CPA, Senior Financial Analyst
  • Phil Goh, Senior vice President, Colliers Macauley Nicolls Inc.
  • Calder Batemen
  • Concordia University
  • Kassandra Kitz, Communicator Specialist
  • Kathleen Thurber, Fridman Consulting Ltd.
  • Alisa Taylor, The Lotus Page
  • Stephanie C. Mitchell, Telegram Writing Consulting
  • Kyle Park, Tissue Specialist
  • Valerie Kipling, NWR-FASD Society Mackenzie Network
  • Teri A. McIntyre, Sr. Business Analysis
  • Alberta Recycling
  • Drew Currah, Tradespros Support
  • Laura Porret, YMCA, Northern Alberta
  • Zebra Protection Centre
  • Joey Restaurant, Mayfield
  • Women in Leadership, Mentorship Program
  • Theatre Alberta
  • Brandi Cross, Alberta Health Services
  • Susan Wilkins-Moss, Medical Science Liason
  • Jason Thompson, Health & Safety Mgr., Jacobs Canada
  • Rola Moraich, Project Engineer
  • Brandon Kot, Managing Parter, Canada I.C.I. Capital Corp.
  • Sonia Kirby, Director of Investor Relations at Stantec
  • Advocis Edmonton
  • Mary Jane James, Ex. Dir. Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton
  • Heather Christenson, Assoc. Dean, U-of-A School of Business
  • Mike Cameron, President/CEO Axiom Mortgage
  • Vincent Gallant, Blackline Financial
  • Chad Parker, Ex. Dir. The Natural Step Canada
  • Sherry Parker, Director of Sales, Chateau Lacombe
  • Jeff Tetz, Partner, Results: The Business Execution Experts
  • Daniel O’Neill, Author, Ironman & Inspirational Speaker
  • Shelagh Kubish, Web & Portal Services, MacEwan University
  • Mick Graham, Owner, Single Tree Builders
  • Stantec
  • Government of Alberta
  • University of Alberta School of Business
  • Leading Edge Physiotherapy
  • Kids With Cancer Society
  • Town of Stony Plain (Councillors and Staff)
  • Alberta Credit Unions (Young Alberta Leaders)
  • Dr. Odell Pui
  • Ryan Jung, Accountant
  • Chris Turchansky, President – ATB Investors Services
  • Christina Aitchison, Owner, Icon Hair
  • ARTA (Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association)
  • Noora Badr, YESS
  • Faron Cahoon, 4FAKT Consulting
  • CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society)
  • Communication Skills for Health Professionals
  • Tanya Dubnicoff, Olympian and Executive Coach
  • Margot Ross-Graham, Sandbar Consulting
  • Linda Maj, Counsel at Justice Canada
  • Manasc Isaac Architects
  • Freddie Martinez, Fountain Tire
  • Miller Thomson LLP
  • Daniel Stewart, CARF Canada
  • Tia Yakubowich, Actor