Speech fundamentals: Master delivering powerful presentations and speeches

You could have the best speech writer in the world write a speech for you, but it’s your delivery that will either inspire your audience or bore them to sleep.


I can teach you how to master a confident, stirring delivery. Through 3-hour workshops, one-on-one coaching or larger corporate training sessions, we’ll break down the basics of public speaking – body, breath and mind – and review how your body affects your voice:

  • A big open body posture gives you stage presence and confidence;
  • Good articulation helps you speak with authority and impacts your audience;
  • Breathing to your full lung capacity gives you support and vocal power;
  • A “Yes I can” positive attitude motivates you toward success;

During your training we’ll also address common vocal problems and give you tips, techniques and exercises to refine your presentation skills.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • How body language can help or hinder your presentation
  • How breath support is the foundation of your speaking voice
  • How clear articulation helps get your message across

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have the tools to become a more polished and powerful presenter
  • Have the confidence that your next presentation will be better than ever
  • Take with you exercises and a plan that you can use to continually improve

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