Adapting to Change: Yes, Let's
27 August 2021 - 13:12, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off

Who would have known that in the spring of 2020 our world would be shut down?  Clients and workshops that I had booked were postponed or cancelled. Work stopped.

Yes, let’s! 

A theatre game that I really like is called “Yes Let’s”. It is used when working on improvisation. When you’ve watched an improviser, they often take suggestions from the audience and are thinking on the spot.

If their scene partner says yes, the plot moves along, however, if the response is no, all is stopped.

For example:

A says: Let’s play outside.

B: Yes, let’s. Shall we go to the park?

A: Yes, let’s. I’ll bring my soccer ball too.

When you say no:

A: Let’s play outside.

B: No, I think it will rain soon.

A: Let’s bring an umbrella.

B: I don’t have one.

In the second scenario, nothing goes forward. The actors are stuck in the scene.

If there was any time to play “Yes, Let’s” it was during the pandemic.

Yes, let’s adapt! 

I was thrown into changing my business model. Since I couldn’t go to clients’ offices or have them in my home, I had to think of another way to work. I signed up for Zoom and bought all the equipment needed to have a studio in my home.  


IMG 3239

Since we weren’t allowed to be inside, I did workshops outside. Not ideal, especially if the magpies are fighting or a big truck rambles by, but it works.

To fall apart wasn’t an option for me.



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For many years I’ve had a bunion that has caused excruciating pain. The recovery for the surgery was 6 weeks off my foot completely and another two weeks walking with the boot. I never wanted to book the surgery in the past because that would mean I’d be out of work. During the pandemic I had the opportunity to get foot surgery and I went for it. Since I was working from home, I could still have workshops and coaching 1-1 with a knee scooter or the boot!


Change is good 

The Covid pandemic had a huge effect on how we all work.  And now that we’re coming out of it (fingers crossed) we don’t know what work is going to look like. I know that I’ll be working with people in person, but I also now can give workshops and 1-1 coaching virtually

Good things come out of a”Yes, Let’s” attitude 

As a result of pivoting to an online workspace,  I am now working with people from all over the world. Plus the pain in my foot is gone!


That “Yes, Let’s” attitude is what we need when we’re giving a presentation. If you’ve practiced (and yes you have practiced if you’ve worked with me!), beforehand in a big room only to find out it will be a small boardroom, collapsing on the floor in a temper tantrum does not bode well to your clients. What if your beloved slides don’t show up on the screen? Or the organizer wants you to give an overview of the upcoming conference?

You should know your presentation inside and out so that these obstacles don’t affect you.

Breathe, breathe, breathe! Taking deep breaths helps activates your rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system so it calms you down.

Get online or to your venue early: Not only does it give you time to suss out the place, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet and engage with some of the early attendees.

Adding more information on the day: Have a cue card or sheet of paper with a pencil ready in case you need to jot down some notes.

Remember that you are a human being and are simply trying your best!