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16 March 2023 - 16:21, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
  Owning Your Obstacles I’ve had bunions on my feet for years, thanks to my dear old Mom. Before Covid hit, my doctor put me on the list to see a surgeon. I got the right foot done smack dab in the middle of Covid. Since I had to be off my feet for 8...

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  • Alyson is an amazing public speaking coach! Whether you're trying to be a public speaker or need to give a presentation or even simply speaking to another person, Alyson's workshop will give you the confidence to speak up and make you sound like a professional. You will learn proper breathing techniques that will improve your vocal delivery and speaking techniques that make your speech sound alive. Her sessions are fun, engaging, and insightful. Public speaking can make anyone self-conscious, but she is thoughtful and warm in making sure you can be your authentic self. I highly recommend her!
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