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30 November 2017 - 16:49, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
“Today, I’m going to talk about the benefits of living in a cold climate. I  live in  Edmonton, where it is cold in the winter ”….. Yawn! I am ready to go to sleep! I’ve heard many speakers who start a speech that way. And you know what? The audience already knows what they are...
30 October 2017 - 15:43, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
We just had a civic election here in Alberta. Congratulations to those who won, and good for you for wanting to make a difference in our fine province. I listened to many speeches over the course of the election and I’ve come  up with a list of things that you can do better next time....
29 September 2017 - 17:33, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
“I never speak in public”, said the IT guy at a function that I was at recently. “Really,” I replied, “Do you ever talk to your boss or colleague about what is going on in your department? When you are at a function like this one, do you ever explain to someone what you do?”...
13 June 2017 - 11:32, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
PowerPoint. Is it Powerful or Pointless? Many of the clients who I work with use Power Point. Sometimes I question whether they need it or not. PowerPoint was developed  as a series of slides for the Mac computer in the 1980’s by Robert Gaskins. It’s a presentation software program that uses a graphical approach to...
28 April 2017 - 15:36, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
Do you ever feel that you are unworthy of having your job and giving that presentation? That you don’t belong there because everyone else is so much better than you? Well, you, my friend are suffering from “the Impostor Syndrome”. This term was coined in 1978 by psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes....
30 March 2017 - 15:48, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
Statistics show that people would rather die than speak in public. Why is that? It’s built into us. Our nervous system consists of nerves and cells that carry messages to and from our brain and spinal cord. The sympathetic nervous system activates the “fight or flight” response within our bodies while the parasympathetic nervous system,...
26 February 2017 - 14:20, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
I recently gave a webinar to professionals who felt their accent impeded their ability to be understood in the workplace. Click on the link below to learn some tips on how to speak with clarity and confidence. Shiftworkplace Webinar Link
22 January 2017 - 19:05, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
Speed Kills! We all know what speeding can do on the road. Speed can kill. But speeding also can kill your speech. There are many reasons why people speak fast when they are presenting. They worry that what they have to say is not important or is boring. They have been told that they have...
14 November 2016 - 17:50, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
Great speakers have great articulation. You could be passionate about your speech but if you don’t form your words clearly, your message is lost. How do you have great articulation? It’s as easy as opening your mouth. But, in today’s society we rarely open our mouths. Perhaps because we are Canadian and don’t want to...
23 October 2016 - 20:09, by , in Public speaking tips, Comments off
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  • The anticipation of getting on stage often activated my inner critic, whispering fears of all that could go wrong. Having Alyson Connolly help me address those fears was an unexpectedly fun learning experience. She approaches the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of speaking, so you can understand why you do the things you do. Alyson was always willing to listen to my presentations and gave me feedback in a way that felt positive, that made me want to make the changes she suggested because they made sense. Because of her technique, now I step on stage with skills, confidence, and a robust appreciation for the most effective way to deliver my message to my audience. For anyone wanting to add a professional polish to their speaking, I recommend Alyson’s coaching without hesitation. I will continue to utilize her skill set to support me in my growth as a professional speaker.
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