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Specializing in painless public speaking and overcoming performance anxiety

Finding Your Voice - Video Series

14-Part Video Course

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A three hour small group intensive workshop. We work on speech fundamentals, how to lift your speech off the page and overcoming anxiety. I'll have your ready for your next presentation.
Personal and focused evaluation of where you are as a speaker. One hour sessions to take you from good to great or intensely work on an area that you feel is holding you back from getting up on stage.
A customized workshop for your company. I will tailor my coaching to your needs and the skill sets of your employees. From front line staff to corporate executives, I can help anyone rise to the next level.
Landing the job, promotion or academic program you’re dreaming of. I will lead you through exercises and techniques that will get you ready to "wow" your interviewer
Having an accent connects you to your culture. You can be better understood without losing your uniqueness and cultural connection. I can help you speak more clearly.
Speaking about public speaking. From a start as a child actor to a late life masters degree which brought me to my current vocation. I can bring your event to life with a fun, insightful look at the process of getting up in front of a crowd.
Public Speaking for Dummies

Public Speaking Skills For Dummies

By Alyson Connolly
Champion of public speaking Alyson Connolly takes you step by step through the process of conceiving, crafting, and delivering a high-impact presentation. You'll discover how to overcome your nerves, engage your audience, and convey gravitas–all while getting your message across clearly and concisely.
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Public speaking can make us tense. Releasing unnecessary tension in your body helps to free your voice and give you more vocal power. I will help you identify the tension and give you the tools to release it.

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Many of us do not breathe to our full capacity. Breathing deeply supports us to get through a speech, and calms us when we feel anxious. I will teach you how to drop your breath deep into your lungs and gain vocal power to sell your presentation.

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”If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Your mind can be your greatest ally or you own worst enemy. I will give you techniques to change your mental approach and put you on a path to success.


Wayne Lavery

- CEO, Patient News

Alyson worked with our teams over a 3 day period. The teams all had well scripted presentations, but no voice and public speaking training. She made an incredible impact on their presentations. All participants sounded more confident and professional. The ROI on this training will be immediate, and one that every sales organization should implement.

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Sandra Hawes

- Managing Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

We engaged Alyson to provide a public speaking workshop for our lawyers. From our initial contact through to the end of the engagement, Alyson was enthusiastic, professional and proved to be very knowledgeable. We have no hesitation in recommending Alyson to those wanting to improve their public speaking skills.

freddie crop

Freddie Martinez

- Director of Information Technology & Systems, Morgan Construction Environmental

Alyson is a professional coach who brings her acting experience to the table when it comes to public speaking. She will make you comfortable during her sessions. Since hiring Alyson, I have become more conscious of what I am saying and how I am saying it. And she's taught me to embrace my accent because it is unique.

samantha ming square

Samantha Ming

- Frontend Engineer at Gitlab.

Alyson is an amazing public speaking coach! Whether you're trying to be a public speaker or need to give a presentation or even simply speaking to another person, Alyson's workshop will give you the confidence to speak up and make you sound like a professional. You will learn proper breathing techniques that will improve your vocal delivery and speaking techniques that make your speech sound alive. Her sessions are fun, engaging, and insightful. Public speaking can make anyone self-conscious, but she is thoughtful and warm in making sure you can be your authentic self. I highly recommend her!

Petra Remy

Petra Remy

- Senior Wealth Manager - Remy Investment Group

The anticipation of getting on stage often activated my inner critic, whispering fears of all that could go wrong. Having Alyson Connolly help me address those fears was an unexpectedly fun learning experience. She approaches the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of speaking, so you can understand why you do the things you do. Alyson was always willing to listen to my presentations and gave me feedback in a way that felt positive, that made me want to make the changes she suggested because they made sense. Because of her technique, now I step on stage with skills, confidence, and a robust appreciation for the most effective way to deliver my message to my audience. For anyone wanting to add a professional polish to their speaking, I recommend Alyson’s coaching without hesitation. I will continue to utilize her skill set to support me in my growth as a professional speaker.

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Derek Ciezki

- Partner, SMP Engineering

Public speaking for Engineers is a scary thing but with Alyson’s workshop it gave our staff some tools and skills to help develop into better presenters and it has shown throughout client meetings and staff presentations that it definitely paid off. She had us laughing and doing things we normally wouldn’t do and it took us out of our comfort zone. More staff are now asking for similar training in the future