Meditation: A Useful Public Speaking Tool
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We are told that meditation can clear the mind, make you feel calmer and view your world in a positive light. Which is what you need when you are preparing for a speech. 

I must admit that meditation has been hard for me. Sometimes I count, sometimes I imagine waves rolling in and out, sometimes I visualize that I’m walking in a forest or field. 

 Once a friend told me about a temple where they were offering group meditation. “Cool!” I thought, “This is for me”. I arrived at the temple and was greeted by the person who was going to lead the meditation with a warm “Welcome to meditation”. The room was engulfed in a calming smell like juniper or mint. My heart rate slowed down immediately. I was given a pillow to sit on and I was in the mood to meditate. The leader sat at the front of the room and instructed us to close our eyes while he chanted for about 20 minutes. Sitting on the pillow for that long a time was making me uncomfortable, so I moved around a bit: straightening my back, shrugging my shoulders, and rolling my neck around. In the end, when we were asked to open our eyes, the leader mentioned that if you are fidgeting, you are not in the moment and not ready to meditate. “That’s ok”, I thought to myself. “This was one session. Now I get it. I know what to expect.  Plus, I’ll wear more comfortable clothes and will be able to sit longer. 

Next week I was back eager to nail this meditation. This time I was wearing my glasses (why I had them on my face when my eyes were closed was a mystery) and they were falling off my face and felt itchy. I had to adjust them constantly. After the session, the leader gently reminded us that if you are touching your face, you are not in the moment and therefore not going to reach a meditative state!

I drove home and reported to my husband that I failed meditation!

In Covid I (actually it was my husband) found a series of meditations that worked for me. Tamara Levitt in Daily Calm takes you through a series of 10–12-minute meditations which are free, however for a fee you can also subscribe. I connected with her immediately. It could be because during Covid quarantine I was dying to hear someone else’s voice other than my husband, but I think the real reason I connected with her was that the first mediation I listened to resonated with me immediately. And I love her calm soothing voice! 

She believes that the goal for meditation is not to feel peaceful but to accept each moment as it is. My goal was to find peace when I meditated, but Tamara thinks that if we are striving for peace and if our mind is busy or our body is uncomfortable, then we are left in a state “of wanting”. She encourages us to accept our reality, whatever it may be, in the moment. When we accept this is when we will find peace. Wow! I get it! 

Now I try to do it every morning when I wake up. It starts my day in a positive, peaceful light.  


Tamara explains this clearly in her Disconnect to Connect meditation 


You can access the free videos below:


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